27 December 2010

Wherein the Track Gets Sided

Where were we...

Oh, right, I was building bunk beds for the girls for Christmas.

Well, that didn't get done, thanks of a combination of a spell of vertigo on my part and lack of the exact right tools (I needed an auger bit to get the holes drilled properly).  So, on Christmas day, the girls each got a 1x4, and I showed them the drawing of what will be their new beds.  They were/are thrilled. :)

Also, with my new monitor I had to remove the shelf unit on my desk, as it was built to fit around the old, smaller monitor. So today, I decided to build the new shelf unit (because all the stuff I had on the old one is in a box, and, as it's pretty much all stuff I use on a regular basis, I don't like being able to get to it).  And the girls are at their dad's until Saturday, so I've got time.

But first, I decided to [finally] build my workbench, some of the material for which has been in the carport for several months.  Using that and the  cut-offs from the bed lumber, I put together a workable workbench (is there any other kind?).

legs and top frame assembled

cutting the top boards

instant (almost) worktable!!

Ahhh, now I can cut/nail/screw/sand/assemble up at a comfortable height and not on the floor (or on the kitchen counter)!

On to the shelf unit, which I had drawn up on Google Sketchup:

new shelves on old desktop

My photographer was busy elsewhere while I was putting it together, so no action shots, but here's the thing, done and in place (varnish still just a bit tacky so I haven't loaded it down yet):

ta da!

As you can see, although I got sidetracked, I still accomplished a good bit.  Tomorrow, it's back to the bunks.  But now I'll be able to use my new workbench!!


OuyangDan said...

I am still amazed at the way you make it look so easy. I have always wanted to build my own things from wood, if not for any reason other than to be able to answer "I made it" when people ask where I found a particular piece of something or another. Can't wait to see the bunks!

Dick said...

I'm impressed.

You wouldn't want to see the kind of bookshelves I build when I have to build bookshelves.