28 August 2010

Latest Projects

It's hard to see, and this is the best shot my poor li'l camera could manage, but at the left end of the kitchen bar, there is a shelf (covered with stuff already, of course).  The new shelf allowed us to move all the spices and such from on top of the microwave and thereby move the coffeemaker from the bar to the microwave.  Which allows a lot more open space on the bar.   Which, I'm told, looks better.  :)

 Another project, a bit more complicated (c'mon, a shelf is just a chunk of board after all), was to build a little desk for the girls' room, so we could put the computer that had been living on one end of the dining table -- with its massive CRT monitor -- in their room.

Jen's boss gave her a couple of old (non-funcional) solar panels  -- or, as Julia calls them "panner solos", with the remark "Bob could use one to build a desk."  And so I did.  To the right we see one of the panels.

And here are some of the pieces/parts, preparing to be assembled into the new desk.

And, finally, a shot of the (mostly) finished desk, set up in the girls' room, where it is being enjoyed immensely.  Well, not at the moment, because it's the weekend, which means the girls aren't here.  The girls will be painting the desk (the panel/top lifts right out of the framework, so they won't paint it)... I believe the latest plan is "black with white musical notes".

We hope to do some upgrades soon and be able to get rid of the CRT, which will make the desk even more usable.

The End.

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Anonymous said...

Cool house, love the solar cell table! Thanks for posting this. It is these details that interest me as I know my best friend but ponder what details now form his day. When we all lived in the same town, we knew who worked til what time. We knew who's family had a sick grandma, who's car needed work, we knew details of relationships (good and bad).

So thanks dude,