16 March 2008

Teh Fish Pit

So, my downstairs neighbor ... umm, ... Mr. Rogers*, has decided that he wants a small fish pond for his four koi. He's mentioned this for three years running. So, I'm used to hearing it.

Yesterday, he hollered over, "Ya got a minute?" As it turned out, I had several minutes, and so I went over to see what he needed. A level and a tape measure. Yep, got those.

"I wanna see how big my hole is!"

Hmmm, I was unaware that you had a hole, Mr. Rogers.

"For my fish pond!"

Oh, so you've started that, have you?


I'd say he's more than started it, wouldn't you?

(for scale, the hole is 15' x 9')

He's planning on having a 3' deep pond, so, at an average of about 28" depth, he's over two thirds there.

And there will be a waterfall feeding the pond as well. It's all going to be very nice. I expect I'll be helping him more than just a bit as this project continues.

I'll also try to get some better shots in the morning, when the light is better on that side o' the house.

*names changed to protect the innocent.

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